Sports Highlights

Wednesday, 22 March

20:45  Germany v England

Friday, 24 March

20:45  Ireland v Wales

Saturday, 25 March

20:45 Bulgaria v Netherlands

20:45  Portugal v Hungary

Sunday, 26 March

18:00  England v Lithuania

18:00  Azerbaijan v Germany

20:45  Scotland v Slovenia

20;45  Northern Ireland v Norway


Beer and Cider SPECIALS!!!

Draught Beer / von Faß

Black Fox Lager  4,7%  0,3l   € 2,50

Black Fox Lager  4,7%  0,5l  € 4,00

Traitor’s Gate  4,5%  0,3l      €4,50

Traitor’s Gate   4,5%  0,5%   €6,90


Fuller’s London Pride  4,7%  0,5l   €6,90

Köstritzer Pale Ale  7%  0,5l    €6,90

Strong Suffolk Dark Ale  6%   €4,50

Brooklyn East IPA  6,9%   €4,50

Iron Maiden “Trooper”  4,7%   0,33l   € 3,90

Iron Maiden  “Red and Black”  6,8%  0,33l  €3,90

Sumersby Apple Cider  4,5%  0,33l   €4,50

R.I.P. Perry

At 13.50 this afternoon Perry passed on. I’m happy the sun was shining, he had his little piggy and of course a bone and fell asleep with loved ones around helping him on. It was a lovely way for him to go and I’m glad I could do this for him.

There was not a day in the last 12 years that you did not bring at least a smile to mine and many more faces. The amount of joy he brought me was incredible. A great companion and a Mans best friend.

I will miss you dearly but always remember you fondly. The best dog ever.

A Legend